Saturday, July 14, 2007

Jason King for President

As we careened down highway 11 through the "hood" of Birmingham, we pulled offroad and noticed some gentlemen who were sitting in front of their houses across the street from an old industrial building. They offered a friendly wave and, in the spirit of the Ladyhawke, we stopped and invited them in for an interview. They introduced themselves as Jason King and Damien Swanson, and they proceeded to take full advantage of our documentary and list off all of the concerns they had about the area's past present and future. Jason was particularly wise beyond his 26 years and at the end of our encounter, I felt like I had learned a great deal. My biggest take away from him, though, was that although he has a lot of problems with the South, he doesn't want to abandon it. Apparently, there were too many people who had made it big elsewhere and forgotten the home that reared them. I suggested that he run for political office. He admitted that he had never really considered it, which is why I think he'd be particularly good for the job!

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