Wednesday, July 18, 2007

If You Give a Mouse a Benadryl...

The arrival into Jackson, Mississippi was full of beautiful back country roads, fragrant night air, and stars that appears to pop off of the sky. It was also full of podiatric agitation as the fire ant that had attack my right foot the day before caused my foot to swell well beyond its normal size. Gina Allgood took the role of Dr. Mom the night before, however, giving me three Benadryls: one for that evening, and two more for the next two days. Unfortunately, the romance of the South distracted me and I accidentally wolfed down all three at once! This left me in a strange stupor that made the sunsets we saw driving into MS all the more spectacular, although I was comforted to know that the rest of The Break Free Project found them beautiful as well. Here I am a few days later in Jackson, feeling fully recovered and pleased as punch to be allergen medicine-free.

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Hannah Downs said...

to the hamster pack--- wow,
i don't read you blog for a few days and the next thing I know you guys have had a gazillion more shows,burned through a few billion barrels of vegie oil, and allowed your personal hygiene to descend to what may be called... questionable.
it's good to know the break free projecters are out there, conscientiously burnin rubber, makin friends, and playin some smokin jams with as little environmental impact as possible. You all are inspirational as a gospel choir, minus the religious stuff and with way better outfits.

its also nice to know that good ol southern hospitality isn't just an american myth!!!! rock on love, the ladystalker