Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hungry for Grit

Somewhere between the struggle for cultivating dreadlocks as they blew like confused antennae out the window of the Ladyhawke and watching Jeff, Kate, and Mavi play like good Christian school children outside the First Baptist Church in Athens as we filtered grease through our huge sock, I found a bit of peace. Now that we have spoken to real, live Southerners and lived in Georgia for an entire day and night, I can safely say that I am actively looking for real estate in Athens. So long as the spirit of Michael Stipe's song "Shiny Happy People Holding Hands" remains in this city, I will always long for this town whenever I am away from it! While tour life has already proven to be somewhat trying, I think the transition of truly enjoying it came last night when Kate and I took a break from being the 3rd and 4th wheel and wandered around the city after our show and stumbled upon one of many ceramic bulldogs that pepper the area. I
think you'll agree that every dog indeed DOES
have its day...
(I can't remember if this was before or
after Kate fell asleep on the sidewalk)


Mavi said...

Funny...these look almost exactly like the pictures Jeff and I took while you guys took your walk.

Hannah Downs said...

hey, its the ladystalker again. me your #1 fan. not much to say. hope your econoline has air conditioning, because if it feels like the devils armpit here in Portland, I don't want to know what hot and sweaty body part georgia is reminiscent of.

The Break Free Project said...

Amazingly we've been spared the serious heat, it's been rainy and cool so far! I'm really disappointed because I was going to base every blog entry I made on the infernal heat and our struggles to overcome it. Now I have nothing but wonderful, happy and thankful things to say.
We will be 'in for it' soon though, I'm sure.
Take care Portland, NYC, GJ CO and all other Devilishly Armpitted locales!