Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Athens, Georgia or "Y'all go ahead, I'm staying right here"

(The lovely and hospitable Mary, Megan, Violet and Kelli and The Break Free gals on Kelli's porch- Athens, GA)
Mountains were moved and The Ladyhawke was made over into a lean, mean, grease machine just in time for us to make it to our show in Athens Georgia last night at Little Kings Shuffle Club. Thanks Pat and Dave http://www.greengreasemonkey.com/
(The most lovely and hospitable Mary, Megan, Violet, and Kelli and The Break Free gals on Kelli's porch in Athens , GA) Tears were shed, fuel lines were bled, I (Kate) sucked on a fuel hose, Julia took a face full of rancid grease and car wash grime in the face and mouth, Mavi painted over her blackened fingernails with bright red polish but WE MADE IT! What an adventure we've had getting to this beautiful and friendly place! A few photos:

(Dawn and Jon two brilliantly talented artists and innovative WVO ground breakers who we met at Pat Keany's grease garage in Boston)

(Kate with "The Good Grease" in Boston Mass.)

(Beat in Boston)

(Our friend "Other Jeff", you know, the male model)

(A Lady and her Grease)

(Bye-bye Brooklyn!)

(The lovely and talented Julia Massey takes the wheel- Baltimore to Greensboro)

(Thanks a million, Barbara Massey!)

(Shooting and Troubleshooting)

(A delicious meal in La Plata, Maryland at Pancakes Plus-our first successful grease stop- great food, great service, clean and sweet smelling veggie oil, what more could we ask for? THANKS JIMMY AND EVERYONE AT PANCAKES PLUS)

(Still more Shooting and Troubleshooting- Jeff enjoyed a well deserved cold one but was later arrested on F.U.I)

(Gosh, the South is so pretty so far-North Carolina)

(Goofing around at The Little Kings Shuffle Club in Athens)


ap hawthorne said...

Dear Kate, We have been looking at your blog... Sharon came down for a visit, It is sure fun to see what you are up to. Love, "m"

The Break Free Project said...

Hi Mom! Thanks for the comment! Looking forward to seeing Colorado in the context of all the other beautiful places we've seen.
Love you!