Thursday, July 5, 2007

Balanza Bar show

Our kickoff concert/CD release party last Friday at Balanza Bar was a gay old time. My only regret is that we were not able to make good on our promises of road head in the grease bus after the show because our RV, the future Ladyhawke, had to stay in Chesnut Hill a while longer while her seller fixed this and that to make her road-ready. Fortunately, no one tried to make us feel guilty about it.

Steve Coughlin played with both Julia and I and played stupendously considering February was the last time he played with yours truly. We went on at about midnight after two other bands, one of which was Alligator, a mostly female piratical dance-punk band who happened to be from no other place than Paonia, Colorado!

The ever burgeoning population of Colorado diaspora never ceases to amaze us. It won't be long before Little Colorado rivals the likes of Little Italy and Chinatown and we'll finally get some grocery stores and restaurants that cater to our specific ethnic group. I know I'm sick and fed up of not being able to get some decent Tex-Mex in this New York shithole! Anyway, the Balanza Bar show was great success and we look forward to picking up our RV, getting her converted to burn veggie oil, and to playing another show on the 3rd of July in Julia's home town, Catonsville, Maryland! Here's a few more photos of Kate, Julia and I. Enjoy!

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