Monday, August 20, 2007

Coming home to Colorado (BFP State #20)

Dear Faithful Ladystalkers-
Please forgive our two week hiatus. Like all good things, The Break Free Project's first survey of small town American innovation, ingenuity and community enrichment came to an end on August 11th with our concert at the Mesa Theater and Club. As Mavi pointed out, it was a complete thrill to share a stage with Crowded Agnes a very cool and promising local band AND with one of our high school musical heroes, Trevor Adams of Jones/Adams Duo. I'm sorry for people who can't see these bands live and psyched that our hometown still possesses such coolness.
Unfortunately/Fortunately, this trip was such a tremendous success and overwhelming learning experience that it's taken me-and I'm sure Julia, Mavi and Jeff-a little bit of time to process everything, to reflect on the wonderful people we now call friends and to put my thoughts in order. Once we arrived in Lafayette Louisiana, our days went into fast forward, there was just so much to learn and try to comprehend. We met people and gathered information at a breakneck pace through Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. I can't wait to share it all with everyone here and in the documentary when it's finished.
It can't be overstated how much we appreciate the people that we met from Philadelphia to Taos, from Boston to Breaux Bridge, Athens, Tuscaloosa, Jackson, New Orleans, Raceland, Baton Rouge, Austin, Taos, Durango and Loma, Colorado. We were overwhelmed by a few common themes as we went from place to place; kindness, altruism, genuine care and stewardship of the land, and caring, open-minded people who are invested in their local communities and working hard to make them more beautiful, productive, livable and healthy in every sense. A trip like ours would convince anyone that this country is in very good hands. Unfortunately for all of us, we did not see the whole story.
It's obvious every time we see strip malls, parking lots, crowded highways, feedlots, urban sprawl and small towns that have entirely vanished that not everyone in our country is able to live their lives in these community enriching ways. It's up to all of us to try to be more like the people that we met, many of whom I'll write more about in the coming weeks.
For now, here are a few pictures of us in the home stretch. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates, profiles of some of the great people we met and information on future Break Free Project odysseys! ~Kate


Guy said...

Hi, This is Guy here in Loma. Good to hear you guys have had some really uplifting experiences on this trip. I have to say that my wife and I really enjoyed meeting all of you. It was truly a pleasure spending time with you discussing alternative energies and just life in general. Hope I was able to shed some new light on Biodiesel and not just confuse you. But I know you guys are really sharp, so I'm sure you picked up a lot. If any of you do move back to Jct, look us up. We'd be happy to hear from you again. Anyway, enjoy your adventure and can't wait to hear more. PS: My Biodiesel book is official now and will be out on OCT 28th of this year. I have my first book signing/ speech in Boulder on November 14th and the book is already on Barnes & for pre-order. (Just search for Guy Purcella) Just found out 2 days ago, so I'm still excited. Thanks again and happy travels, Guy & Sherie Purcella &

fantasticterrific said...

I think you guys, and Guy, are "sleepwalking into the future."

And I'm insanely jealous.

No, no, do not get upset. I think the majority of this talk is being found and broadcasted by the faithful crew of the Female Hawk- insofar as "being good citizens/neighbors" and changing the pace and focus of life.

However, can alternative fuels be the panacea? Not alone, I argue. It is the usage, it is the greed, it is the fault of the suburban system that is dooming this country. We'd rather raise awareness and complain around voting time than make our communities stronger through action - selfless action.

K said...

Hello again Guy and Sherri! We are SOOO proud of your research and book! You make us feel very happy and positive about our own home community! WAY TO GO!

fantasticterrific said...

All it needs is a little ladyhawke.

Anonymous said...

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