Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What, are you stupid? Go home!

First mate's log: stardate 06/26/07
Kate and I decided that when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when your grease bus for your grease tour is nowhere in sight, it's time to do a google image search for uplifting pictures of horses and the like. Behold! Our poster for our Balanza Bar show, Friday, June 29th at 11pm (426 Lorimer and Teneyck). We decided to film the flyering and so here's a few pictures....

Trixie of course had to sign off on our leave of absence.

Off to a cinematic start..oh hell, THERE's a bus, behind me!

Kate wonders to herself if the horse was a hastey choice.

I was mesmerized by the stacks and stacks of multi-colored bottles being sorted for recycling, so here I am doing a hand-held tracking shot. Film making is easy and fun!

My artistic high was cut short by this guy who started shouting at me. I tried to explain to the poor, overworked fellow that a moment in his life of recycling was worth documenting but he just didn't understand my vision. He said, "What, are you stupid? Go home!"

Go home!

However misunderstood, the Break Free Project's spirit remains indomitable.

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K said...

That horse is a powerful image. It's more than just a little bit magnetic to the eye. So are those bottles...
Maybe we are stupid...