Saturday, June 23, 2007

Maiden Voyage

Stardate June 23, 2007

And with this we begin our first test flight. Here we sit in the kitchen, in the cool Brooklyn breeze drinking some wonderfully flavorful vegetable juice that Mavi has just extruded in an attempt to cleanse our systems of the sins of the past week and prepare us for the sure-to-constipate week ahead.

We feel like Orville and Wilbur Wright must have felt in that final week before Kitty Hawk... or, you know, how we're sure they would have felt if, a week out, Flyer 1 still hadn't been assembled yet and they were horribly hungover. We looked here but found no mention of anything like that.

Well, take heart faithful passengers because we've got one thing over on those darned INGENIOUS Wright brothers...and it's not just our long elegant legs. We have (drumroll please) a simply stupendous name for our soon to be purchased Fabulous Veggie Oil Highway Flying Machine...and it all seriousness...The Ladyhawke.

Ladies and Gentlemen, she may not be ours yet and she may be leaking coolant from Boxborough Massachusetts to Butte Montana and all parts in between (heck, she doesn't even have an air conditioner) BUT we have faith that those mechanics in Pennsylvania (where she threw a rod a week ago on her prior tour) will put her back on "the good foot" and that we'll be able to start the tour next week on schedule on July 1st.
We have faith enough to give you...The LadyHawke.

Number 1, You have the Bridge, over and out for now-The BFP

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